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Beef & Liver Meatballs w/Parmesan & Paprika - GF (8)

Beef & Liver Meatballs w/Parmesan & Paprika - GF (8)

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Describe these in one word? "DELLIIICCCIIIOOUUUSSSS!" This is an instant favourite in the Newy Supply kitchen. Our own secret balance of parmesan cheese, paprika and liver are blended in to a grass fed beef meatball and the result is something close to perfection. THIS IS THE NO SAUCE OPTION! Perfect for the kiddos to grab one or two for dinner. They are also perfect for you to add your own secret sauce to!

Serve with sides of roast veg or straight up!

8 Meatballs

INGREDIENTS: Beef mince, onion, garlic, organic eggs, organic brown rice flour, chicken liver, parmesan cheese, paprika Gluten Free

Minimum Order of $100. Maximum Order... as much as your freezer can hold! 

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