Green Chicken Curry

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**Due to supply shortages our Green Chicken Curry may be missing baby corn in some batches**

NEW DISH ALERT! This dish leans heavily into its roots, but it’s also got a slight twist in the spice blend that you might not expect. 

All of our current dishes are very mild, but this fragrant explosion of flavour comes with a spice warning, but only a medium one. If any of your little ones like spice it would be suitable, but hey, maybe this one is just for the grown ups? Serve with rice.

SMALL - 500ml - Two Adult Portions

LARGE - 1000ml - Four Adult Portions

INGREDIENTS: Chicken, lime, green chilli, ginger, coriander, basil, cumin, fish sauce, coconut oil, coconut milk, capsicum, zucchini, baby corn

Minimum Order of $72. Maximum Order... as much as your freezer can hold! 

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