Ever heard of "head -to-toe" eating? This is what its all about!

We have just added our Beef & Liver meatballs with Parmesan & Paprika! Liver is the most nutrient dense food we can eat, and mixed in the right amount tastes fantastic in our opinion! Our new meatballs are a bundle of deep umami flavour that have been tested and approved by our kids! Available with or without sauce so you can enjoy with pasta or pick and choose how many balls you want to eat at any time! The NO sauce option is great for adding to your kids meals.

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Feed the Family some native Australian Botanicals!

Thats right! We have incorporated the incredible Tasmanian Pepper Berry in to our newest Beef Stew. This Beef stew is very close to a classic, heart, slow cooked family favourite but with a twist that lifts it out of the bowl!

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Newy Supply co was born out of the need to feed! How does your day normally pan out? Shop for groceries, spend hours in the kitchen, do the dishes... oh and ensuring your family is happy and nourished too. It's a hefty ask, but we think we have nailed the brief. Real food, made from real ingredients, prepared fresh, then snap frozen, for families who want to take a load off.

With love from our family to yours,

Mike and Kate

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  • Nutritionist designed and prepared...

    In our commercial kitchen space in Newcastle NSW (lovingly known as Newy for anyone who isn't a local!)

  • All the good stuff with no compromises...

    NO artificial colourings. NO artificial flavourings. NO preservatives. NO refined sugar. NO MSG.

  • Delivered frozen straight to your door...

    Stock up your freezer, gift some meals to a friend, defrost for dinner that night... the choice is yours!

  • Postpartum Nourishment

    We wholeheartedly believe that mums health = family health! Our meals are designed with postpartum principles in mind, making them perfect for nourishing the new mother.