Newy Supply Co. was born out of the need to feed! 

We both absolutely love food, to the point where we even studied Nutritional Medicine - we couldn't get enough. We know how good it feels to pour our time and love into a dish, hand it over to someone else and see the smile on their face as they get stuck in (not to mention if that someone is one of the kids!). One day in the middle of a long conversation about our future and how we could better align with our passions we thought, "why not build a business around that feeling?"

Having two kids of our own, we completely understand the stress that family life can bring. We want you to be able to feel confident that you're nourishing yourselves and your children, while getting back some valuable time to be together.

For us it's simple. Real food, made from real ingredients for families who want to take a load off.

Lots of Love

Mike & Kate